The Mark of God

Rev 09 Bottomless Pit

I’m not sure what these things actually are that are released from the  bottomless pit in Revelation 9:1-11.  But what I do understand is they are bad news for the inhabitants of the earth…

except for those who have the mark of God on them.

This mark “of God” which is not talked about as much as “the Mark of the Beast”  is somewhat mysterious.  This seal is placed on the foreheads of those who have become believers in Jesus during the tribulation. Whether this mark is visible to human eyes (or not) is not clear. But what is clear is those that have the mark of God on them are protected by God.  And that is good news especially when people around them are in pain and when the world is in the process of falling apart.

These locust from the bottomless pit can only harm what God allows them to harm.

They can’t harm plants, trees or grass…

and they can’t touch the people on earth who have the seal of God, the mark of God on their foreheads.

This gives us a principle that is true in this passage that also holds true now.

No judgement touches the believer unless God allows it too.

And if God allows it too, we know it will only be for good reasons. (Job 1) Though we may never know those reasons.

So even in these days where evil seems to be winning and doing what ever it wants remember evil can only go as far as God allows it to…

and one day it will be totally done away with…

but that’s giving away the end of the Revelation story.

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