Community Week of Prayer Guide


Day 1 – March 24th – Have a conversation with a family member in which you share about one of the most difficult times in your life and how Jesus helped you through it. Pray for them before and after you do this.

Day 2 – March 25th – Pray the Lord’s prayer today @ 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm. Watch the 6 o’clock news as a family and pray together about what you saw.

Day 3 – March 26th – Choose three people that need Christ and pray for them 3 times today.

Day 4 – March 27th – Call your city hall or neighborhood association and ask what the most pressing needs are in the community, then pray for those needs.

Day 5 – March 28th – Spend 10 minutes in silence remembering Jesus’ death.

Day 6 – March 29th – Go for a walk in your neighborhood, pray for everyone you see and for our worship service this Sunday.

Day 7 – March 30th – Pray for the people you have invited to the Easter Coffee Shop and Easter Service tomorrow.


Day 8 – March 31st – Thank God for Jesus, the risen Savior! Pray that people will be touched by the message today. Pray that lukewarm hearts will be reignited for Christ and that lost people will place their trust in Jesus and begin a relationship with Him!


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