Tis the Season of Hustle and Bustle


There is a lot to do this Christmas season. I am not sure how each year… no matter how much you desire for things to be slower and you plan to not be as busy, you wind up being busy anyway.

Tis the Season of Hustle and Bustle

I would just like to stop and not have anything to do.

But that is not the way of things.

Christmas is a time of high expectations… yes you are expected to do certain things, certain traditions and be present at certain gatherings.


We don’t say it but we know…

We had better make sure we are at that party, at grandma’s house, or at the family Christmas gathering…

with presents.

its like an unofficial Decree.

and there is no Ceasar Augustus…

Speaking of him…

I am sure it wasn’t great timing “in those biblical days”  for anyone to have to drop what they were doing and go register. I am sure they had other things they needed to be doing…

an unexpected, expected trip just added to life’s normal hustle.

But the decree was the decree and you had better do as you were told…

it was expected.

So Mary and Joseph set out on their journey to Bethlehem.

The timing for the trip was not good, after all Mary was about to have a child and that meant extra work had to happen to get Mary ready for the journey.

It was its own “Hustle and Bustle” – the first “season” of it… if you will

Joseph had to figure out how to close up shop. He had to buy things for their journey, all the while wishing they could just stay home until the baby came.

We do not know if they knew why the events were unfolding as they were, or why all of a sudden they were exceptionally busy…

but this is what we do know in 2011…

the hand of God moving them into position for a huge time of rejoicing which included Shepherds, Wise-men and Heavenly Beings.

Yes, this was a key moment  that would accomplish what God had said He would do thousands of years before…

the “Promised Seed” was finally coming into the world.

It wasn’t time yet for Mary and Joesph to be less busy, to stop or stay put.

It was time for them to move into the first “season”

of “Hustle and Bustle”.

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