These are truly dark times…

but that is how it has always been.

The fact that things are geting worse is not new.

We look back and remember better days.

The ones before us look back and see days that were better before our time.

The ones before the ones before us had the same point of view.

“Things are getting worse”


Just like them..

we live in a world of death..

and death is decay…

death is darkness.

In this darkness there exist flickers of something death does not like, that shows up from time to time, resisting the progression of destruction, pushing back the veil of darkness.

Flickers that cause inward pain to those who would rather not see the death and decay of their own soul.

Powerful rays that show the condition things are in for those who choose to adjust their eyes to the brightness. For those who choose to see the world through the eyes of the One that created them.

He died so people could see what is covered by the…


…unveiling the decay, and the worsening of society.

When our eyes adjust to the light, we find that the flicker was not really in the darkness at all. The flicker has a power of its own. A power that overcomes the dark.

Light and Darkness are not “in each other”. They are as different as night and day.

There is a future a head… a future for those who have become flickers themselves…

A future where there is no darkness…

for all who believe…

for all who have chosen to adjust their eyes…

to the light.

I am looking forward to that day.

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