Guy 1 – Dude, I am just not sure what color socks to wear. Do I wear your color or mine?

Guy 2 – I think you can do whatever, it doesn’t matter. By the way did you notice all our pictures we modeled for these socks are from the waist up not from the waist down…

… you know where the socks they are trying to sale actually are.

Guy 1 – Yea, We had to put on the socks and wear the socks for the photo shoot, but they never took a picture of our feet… whats up with that?

Guy 2 – It is just odd, but maybe it is because we are good looking.

Guy 1 – Well, when you’ve got it, you’ve got it.


Guy 1 – did you know, my picture is on the wrong set of socks.

Guy 2 – What?

Guy 1 – Yea, I’m not a size 6-11… more of a 12-17. So my picture should be on the size 12-17 socks.

Guy 2 – Right…


Guy 2 – You know something else?

Guy 1 – What?

Guy 2 – The way they come up with sizes for socks is odd.

Guy 1 – Why do you say that?

Guy 2 – Well if a guy’s foot is a size six and he puts on a size 6-11 sock its way to big, it doesn’t fit. It’s like 5 shoe sizes to big.

Guy 1 – Never thought of that…

Guy 2 – They haven’t either


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