Those Liars!

Read an article this week that got me thinking about things in our lives that lie to us all the time.


I feel it is my responsibility,

as a friend,

to shine a light on the things that lie to you everyday.

1. The text on your electronic devise that says 100% charged.

Have you ever noticed that once you pull your phone, iPad or tablet from its charger that the charge % drops a few percentage points with in the first 5 to 10 minutes after it is unplugged from charging? The reason it does this is because if a battery charges to 100% and stays there, it can do long term damage to the battery.  So, batteries are designed to charge to 100% and then drain 10% of that charge and rest in that 90% state, all the while telling you its resting at 100% so you will take it off the charger.

Yes, it lies to you, because if it didn’t you would never unplug it and it wants you to take it with you where ever you go.

2. Cell Phone Bars.

These bars, that we think are informing us of signal strength, have hardly ever really corresponded to actual signal quality. Furthermore, those bars only tell you “how well” you’re receiving a signal from the tower. They do not tell you how well the connection between your phone and the tower is working.

Just incase I lost you (because I think I lost me in that last paragraph). Phones are like a two way street.  One way is the signal from the tower to the phone, the other side of the road is your phone’s signal to the tower  (and your phone does not give a reading for its signal to the tower)

So it hast to lie to you so you will feel good

That way when the call breaks up it is the person you are talking with that has a problem with “their phone”. It doesn’t want you to think it is “its” (your phones) fault.


“It” doesn’t want to be thrown across the room or out the window toward oncoming traffic.

3. Scales.

They all lie, they are all off, yes they all give you incorrect measurements… even in the doctors office. Now I am sure that somewhere in the world there is one that works.  But I can weigh at my house, my parents house, the doctors office, or on random scales in different people’s homes and I never weigh the same.

Furthermore it is hard for me to believe that my weight fluctuates 10 pounds in a given day.

What you can trust is… if you weigh on the same scale everyday and you weigh less on average, you can say you have lost weight. How much is the debatable part. I have actually weighed myself in 5 minute intervals before and gotten 3 separate weights in that 15 minute period of time.

So much for your height to mass ratio.

4. The Weather Forecast

It seems that if the forecast is “in the ball park”… its good enough.  I have noticed that if the forecast is a 10% chance of rain, it really means there is a 10% chance it will not rain and a 90% chance it will…. especially when your are trying to paint the outside of your home.

But of course if you get your weather from the evening news… inaccuracy sort of fits in with all of that.

5. Speedometers, or Police Radar Guns

Why else would the officer come to your window and ask…

“Do you know how fast you were going sir?”

He obviously doesn’t. 🙂

Enough said.

2 thoughts on “Those Liars!

  1. Wow… And all this time I thought that people were just forgetting to check their mirrors before they left home… But what you are saying is… Their mirrow lies to them… And it all starts in the department store!

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