5 Reasons it’s Hard to be Thankful

It maybe hard for some to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Now it will not be hard because of the turkey or the meal that will be eaten.

It will not be hard because of the day off… i.e.  the day of vacation that most of us have because of it.


However, here are some reasons it might be hard for us to get into the spirit of thankfulness…

which is the intent of this season.

1. Maybe we really do not comprehend what the pilgrims went through.  I think, what they experienced is hard to  identify with because we were not there. We can read about it, watch documentaries on it, but really we do not understand the feeling that comes when you have no home, no food, you have buried half of your friends in a 6 month period of time and you are excited and thankful because made it through that rough season of your life because of God and some Indians He sent your way.

2. Its hard to list things we are thankful for. As Americans most of us have entitlement blood pumping through our veins. To test this, just take a moment and list 50 things you are thankful for and see how it goes.  (If you do this I would love to see your list) BTW – it is easier for most of us to make a Christmas wish list than a list of the things we already have that we are thankful for.

3. It maybe because Christmas is on your mind.  This is understandable, we are already hearing the sounds of Christmas everywhere we go.  It is hard to find a good Thanksgiving Album that Celebrates the Thanksgiving season. If you find one, most of the songs are out of date and hard to identify with.  You have to look and look for songs to play during this time that celebrate the things we have been blessed with…  the things we are thankful for. (click the link on the side of this blog if you want a Thanksgiving play list.) And maybe if we are honest, after a while “Thank You” in every song we hear sort of gets old.

4.  Maybe its because of negativity.  Everywhere we look there is a negative slant on what is going on. So we lose the feeling that there are good things in the world, that there are things to be thankful for.  Negative thoughts, slants, and feeling are like cancer, they take over and blind us to what is good.  And when we are blinded to what is good, we are unable to see anything we can be thankful for.  (of course this blog is pointing out the negative that we are not as thankful as we should be, not sure how I feel about that).

5.  Maybe its because of sorrow.  Holiday’s are a lonely time for many people who really identify with Charlie Brown when he says “It seems like Thanksgiving is upon us and we have another holiday to worry about.” So you dread being alone on Thanksgiving when you know other families are getting together to celebrate and  you may find yourself struggling to have a thankful spirit.  The fact is… its hard to be alone.

So as we head toward Thursday,

Thanksgiving Day,

Let’s push past whatever the reason might be that we find it hard to be thankful and arrive at the place where we are grateful and we offer up thanks to God for even when things are sower….

He is good.

Psalm 103, 136:26, 140:13, 30:4, 44:8, 9:1

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