Random Thursday

Random Thoughts from a Random Day.

1. The past few days there has been only a 20% to 30% chance of rain. I am beginning to think I am looking at that wrong. It should be there is a 20% to 30% chance it will not rain.

2. For Lion, your Mac has to have 2G of memory, mine only has 1.

3. Somethings, that haven’t been used for years (or over 6 months) really need to go…

4. Working on the “Truly” sermon for Sunday… #15

5. How fast do squirrels multiply?

6. Still hanging around the same weight… I wonder when I will lose more?

7. Wrote a story for my sons class… Reading it to them on Friday… Excited

8. Looking forward to the Christmas play.

9. Well it’s 11:59pm…. Good night!

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