Real and Relevant

Its real and relevant… it always has been.

In every age its ability to speak to what was happening in that era, is nothing short of amazing…

…nothing short of divine.

After all, it is the Divine that wrote it. Using people of course. People who were given the words to write…. words from the God who created us.

If the Bible seems archaic, it is not the Bible that is portraying that analysis. Instead it is the communicator, or the reader, or the listener that just doesn’t get it. This is not a new problem, even the generation that lived during Jesus’ day didn’t quite get it…. yes, some of them did but most did not.

The Bible speaks to every generation. It speaks about what is occurring, what is happening, and what you are experiencing.

It addresses…

Birth and death

Hardships and good times

The importance of Good relationships

7-4 and 9-11

It addresses all of these,


Because God wanted you to know how to live this life, how to endure and navigate through hardships, and how to rejoice during times of happiness.

So He wrote a book to us…

So that we could find..

and live…


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