ReNew day

I am up for the second time today. This first time was this morning…. Early this morning when the chickens were still asleep I woke up for the first time and could not go back to sleep for a while. It was my first taste of this new day.

The good news is sleep came to me a few hours later and I was glad for that.

Now I am up again, and the day now is new for a second time… It’s renewed day.

This silliness got me thinking…

What if I used today to renew my relationship with Jesus?

Did I go to church yesterday?


Did I treat people right?


Did I preach what God wanted me to?


Did I spend time with my family?


Is everything going well?


Then why renew my relationship with Jesus?

Because during the good times it important to make sure your relationship is right with Jesus.

We normally only renew when times are bad.

Maybe our renewals should happen everyday…

Regardless of the kind of day it is.

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