The Possum Chronicles III

It was a EPM, normally called a PM but tonight their was a crisis so the E was added, things were serious!

(EPM = Emergency Possum Meeting)

All who could come where there, after all what do Possums really do anyway?

The honorable Possum Queen from Massah (Pronounced Manassah) called the meeting to order.

For the 4th time….

Grissum why are all these possums here? (Newsum)

I said come to order! (Possum Queen) Newsum quickly moved behind Grissum and peaked over His shoulder.

Havsum and Grissum come up here and tell us what happened, why you were where you were and what you saw.

They told their story, everyone listened intently. Grissum ended with these words….

I slowly opened one eye, and there it was…….A chicken!

A what!! (Possum in the crowd)
A chicken?!! (Another Possum in the Crowd)
A CHICKEN?!? (Other possums)
What does this mean? (Possum in the back of the crowd)
What is the pasture coming to? (Possum in the front crowd)

We demand Justice! We demand answers! (The Possum Crowd)
We demand Justice ! We Demand Answers!

The crowd was getting louder and louder.

Order! Order! Order! (Possum Queen)

Everyone fell silent.

Call out the PRT! (Possum Recognizant Team)

The PRT came and stood before the Queen.

Go Get the Chicken! —– Bring it alive! ——–We will interrogate! We will get answers before moon set! Go!

And off they went with a crowd of possums behind them cheering –

Get the Chicken! GET THE CHICKEN!

And then it happened for the first time….

Comansum, where are we going? (Newsum)

And so started the chicken hunt.

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