The Beach

I love the beach, the salt air, the sun, the wind, the ocean, and the over all slowing down of life.

Sometimes we just need to slow down.

Have you ever noticed that grown men, boys and girls a like will spend hours digging in the sand making moats, castles, and hills of sand…. all the while knowing the tide will soon wipe out the hours of work they put into those creations in a matter of moments…

and it is fun…

Have you ever notice that women will lay out for hours, in the heat of the sun, doing nothing really… even if they are reading a book.  To get a tan, i.e. to change their skin color… only to lose it in a matter of weeks when colder temperatures force them in doors…

but to them it is fun…

I sit here right now, watching family members play speed scrabble at the end of their long “hard” day at the beach.  Having fun, trying to beat each other in a game that in a few weeks from now the winners will not be remembered at all  but they play anyway…

because it is fun…

No pressure, no dead lines… just time…

to rest

to slow down

to enjoy the life and the world God created for us to enjoy.

I love the beach… because for me it is the one place where life slows down for just a little while.

Thank you Lord… Thank you.

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