We need each other.

We all need each other.

We often do not act like we do.

As a pastor I can say it is easy to focus inward on your church, your life, your message, your mission, your ___________(fill in the blank). The more inward focused we become as a church, as a pastor, as an individual the weaker we become, the less we accomplish and the lonelier we are.

One is a lonely number.

The fact is we need each other.

We need Christians to be strong and following the Lord in their everyday lives.

We need churches reaching out to their community and if it means uniting with a church down the street to do something to reach people we do it… we connect… we come together for it.

Two are better than one, and three united is even better. Once you get past three… it’s all multiplication from there and mountains begin to move.

When we connect together for a cause BIG things happen and I think it is because God is pleased when His children work together.

What is your church doing this fall with other churches?

If you do not have anything, and your church is in Davie County I have something you could consider. Just email me @

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