I guess if you say you are going be “plugged back in and “back to posting” by tomorrow which was yesterday, you probably should post something… today.

Yep… that would probably be a good idea.

Here’s the issue…

I tend to underestimate the amount of work that is available to do, after I have been on vacation a few days. If I had estimated it correctly I would have posted yesterday’s post today, not posted this post today and posted tomorrow’s post tomorrow after I wrote it tomorrow morning.

Instead, I choose to post yesterdays post yesterday and post this post today and will still post tomorrow’s after I write it in the morning.

Therefore, because I underestimated my work load, you now have this post… a post that would not have been posted if I had the wit to estimate correctly.

So, this is some what of a bonus post. Posted at the end of today, in fulfillment of a promise made in yesterday’s post.

After all… what you are wearing right now you also wore, the day after yesterday.

Trust me… the last comment is out of the blue but very true.

Until tomorrow…

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