Change is Hard

Well, I sit here today about to enter the door way of change. Its coming regardless of my feelings about it.

Do I wish we were back at the diaper stage with my daughter… no not really.

Do I wish we were back at the potty training stage with her?

no not really…

Do I wish we could go back to Disney World and experience it with her child like wonder?

Ok… yea I would.

Would I like to have one more time at the beach where she was discovering sand and the vastness of the ocean? Where she got a kick out of sand crabs and broken seashells?

Yep… that would be nice to relive.

Would I like to have one more easter where she finds eggs and thinks its the best thing in the world?


But now… at this moment…. I know…

The “Dora Dance” days are over.

Tomas the Train waits for her little hands.

Scribble drawings that need interpretation are no more.

Picking her up to hold her… even laying down in the bed with her at night… all coming to a close.

I don’t want to go back… but it would be nice to have just a little more time.


there is no more time… change is here.. and I am being pushed through the door.

So in a few moments… on that stage right there… “a graduation of sorts”… a reminder that the Elementary days are over… yes, a transition is on the horizon… to the teenage years.

Change…. it’s not an easy thing.

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