pushing the buttons

Have you ever had your buttons pushed?

Not the buttons in your car, the buttons that set off feelings of anger and offense.

The buttons that are pressed because of what someone says or assumes about you.

When those buttons are pushed what happens? What do you do? What do you say?

When your buttons are pressed, feelings are going to happen (the anger, the frustration, the hurt, the offense) and they can’t be stopped.

But the way you react can be controlled. It will take the Holy Spirit to help you, but those actions can be controlled.

Have you ever learned something form having your buttons pushed?

I’m not taliking about learning something about someone else. I’m talking about learning something about you, or what you are trying to accomplish and how to go about it.

I find that when people push my buttons, if I control my reactions and take time to think about what is being said there are always things that are learned… that I need to adjust within myself.

Our buttons reveal issues that are going on deep in our souls.

When someone pushes your buttons do you take the time to ask…

Why did that bother me? Is there something I need to work on here?

Those are good questions to ask and they take your focus off of the offender, and puts you in a better state of mind to handle the situation at hand.

Sometimes after the smoke has settled (after my buttons have been pressed). I wonder how I come across to people… do I push their buttons?

I hope not.

It is not my desire to do so.

So there you go…. just some thoughts on buttons being pushed.

What are your thoughts?

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