“A Come to God Moment”

So there they were, on the sea, a few hours after they had set sail for Tarshish, in the distance they could see some storm clouds approaching.

The wind began to pick up, the water became rough, the rain began to pound, lightening lit up the sky, and the boat creaked and growned.

The sailors knew they were in trouble. They were frightened, the storm was too much for them to take.

So they did what most would have done….

…they had “a come to god moment”.

The problem was they didn’t know which god.

Execpt for the preacher. He knew the one true God. The only God that exist. You know the one that made the sea, the wind, the rain and the people on the ship.

Yep, Jonah, the preacher, “a man of the cloth”, “a man of God” a prophet, was asleep.

It must have happened on a Sunday afternoon.

So the captian, one of the ones that was having an intense spiritual moment, approaches Jonah and says….

“How can you sleep at a time like this? Get up and call on your god!”

It seems that everyone on the ship was having a come to God moment except for the one that knew Him.

Now, take a moment and look around you.

Are the people around you that don’t know God “yet” more spiritual than you are? Does their pursuit of spiritual things make you look like you’re asleep?

Lets go one more step.

When is the last time you had a spiritual moment with the creator of the universe? “A Come to God Moment”. Was it this past Sunday as you heard the message at church? Was it this morning as you spent time reading God’s word?

Are you having one right now?

When was the last time?

If it was a few days ago or longer its time to wake up and follow the advice of this captain.

“Get up and call on your god” (Jonah 1:6)

and have “a come to God moment”.

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