I think we should hire everyone that has submitted a video on AFV.  Here is why.

1. AFV people are not afraid to try things, like snow boarding off a roof.

2. AFV people are not afraid to laugh about their mistakes.

3. AFV people are not afraid to admit they made a mistake, infact they will take credit for it on the ” world stage”

4. AFV people find the good in the accident that just happened.

5 AFV people know how to get the most out of life.

You see people that do not make ” any mistakes” are no fun, in fact those that point out other peoples mistakes in a degrading manner have character issues.  These people will also cover up their own mistakes or they believe they truly never do anything wrong and so they never apologize.  These types of people can cause a lot of damage to an organization and they never change ( though they think they are open to it).  

Mistakes are how we learn. Failures are really just gigantic steps forward.  The only way to go forward is to say… I blew it there, I was wrong to say or do that. Then move forward avoiding that mistake in the future.

So whatever has happened to you this year, just learn from it and go forward.  If you find yourself complaining about someone else check your heart for that is where the problem is.  Take the next few days  and deal with these issues of the heart and ask God to help you be less critical of others and more honest about your own strengths and weaknesses.

If you do this you will set yourself up for a better relationships, you will have a better view on life, you will learn new things and you will find you will not get upset quite as often.

AFV – I made and Mistake… now lets laugh and learn.

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