10 Stupid Things – Part 3

Currently I am reading a book called “Ten Stupid Things that Keep Churches from Growing” by Geoff Surratt. Here are some personal thoughts on the second chapter.

I would not have made it this far as a pastor or father without the input and influence of my wife. She is a gem and I love her. We have been through a lot together and have learned from those experiences.

There are many pressures on the wife of a pastor. To have unrealistic expectations of what she should do in the church is “stupid” and will hinder the growth of the church. She like her husband should not be expected to do it all.

My wife loves children’s worship. So that is what she is involved in at FBC. When she is able to make it to the “main” worship service she does sing in the praise team and plays the piano from time to time. Recently, we cut back on the things she was involved in at the church. There was too much on her shoulders… this was a good move. I know that in the past I, yes I had her doing to much and I know damage occurred as a result of that… though I don’t know the extent of it. My goal is to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

We would love to see more people involved in children’s worship and have been praying to this end. It can’t just be “warm bodies” so we are praying for people who love children and want to get the truths of the word to them on their level. So far there is a great but small group of people dedicated to help out, but we need more. To get additional people would help her greatly.

That said, what do you do to make sure your wife isn’t the one doing it all in your church? Do you allow her to do the ministry she loves to do and prevent her from doing every other ministry that needs propping up? This last question is a hard one, sometimes we all have to step up and help out. It just can’t be every week… for then it becomes the norm and that is a “stupid” mistake.

3 thoughts on “10 Stupid Things – Part 3

  1. what a wise decision (even though it was probably very hard) for your wife to step back from some things. it is very refreshing to see fbc truly seeking to be in the center of God’s will & not just trying to do big, flashy things because other churches are doing it! God puts the body together to complete His plans & purposes and each member has a gift/talent that needs to be utilized to edify the body! we just have to be sure and hold each other accountable to not overcommitting, etc. we should never be too busy to “be still and know that He is God”! We need to make sure that our “yes” does not become “a stone” for a particular ministry!

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