The cutting board – Concrete 3

I have cut a major section of the sermon for tomorrow, actually the whole ending was wiped out earlier today. It is a section that taught about the Sabbath and keeping a day of rest on our schedules.

Here’s some notes I had taken on the subject… Some of it is mine and some of it is other people’s thoughts. So here we go…

Most of us suffer from the superman syndrome, we are the only ones that can do certain things, we must do everything, the pressing need is what must be accomplished, it cannot wait till tomorrow and we will kill ourselves trying get all the work done.

There is no time to take a day to rest much less anytime for God.

The sad thing is we are being robbed and We don’t realize it. We are being robbed of today, and we are being robbed of tomorrow. Our need to be superman takes life from us and our families.

It’s past time to take superman outback and kill it. Then you need to make taking a Sabbath day… a day of rest… part of your routine.

Yes… Take a Sabbath.

But that is Old Testament law sort of stuff right… And any ways…. what day is the Sabbath supposed to be observed on?

That is not the issue, it’s not which day of the week, it’s not if it is apart of the law or not. The issue is how we live our lives.

A day of rest is a day we remember that we are loved because God created us. It’s a reminder that we cannot earn our way to Heaven. A day of rest is our acknowledgement that the world will continue to exist with out our help. It’s a day where work is done even though we can think of thousands of things we could be working on. Its a day we produce nothing and refuse to feel guilty about it. Its a day we remember we are not machines. It’s a day we remember God created the world and it was good.

A Sabbath is a day we are fully available to those who love us. It’s a day our job is to just enjoy God, others, and the life we are blessed to have.

So debate all you want to… But the fact is we are designed to take a break from it all. And our designer says once every 7 days.

So stop and remember who created you and who holds this world together.

Your life will be better for it.

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