Take 4

Our church is following the Lord’s lead as He has given us a vision of helping some people in need this Christmas through care packages. We refer to it as Take 4 which is a abbreviated way to say this is the 4th Take it to the Streets ministry Christ has lead us to do.

Take it to the streets is the idea that the church should go to the community to show and share the love of Christ. We go to them… Instead of just inviting them to come to us.

As we have moved forward with Take 4…. we have had road block after road block hit us. At times it has been very frustrating, and sometimes depressing. But through it all we have never doubted that this ministry was what God wanted us to do.

And through the suffering He has blessed, because suffering and joy are good friends.

Here is some of the Joy….

God provided a method for us to get the word out to the community concerning what we were trying to do. The plan we had at first was not going to work, that was one of the road blocks. But He took that situation and gave us a different and better way to accomplish His purposes.

People in our church have been involved in making sure the mission Christ set before us is accomplished.

Registration for the care packages began on Monday, just two days later we have almost reached the goal that was set for how many we would be able to help. It is a blessing to be apart of helping people who need it.

We are not finished, we have more to do. As we move forward i am sure there will be more things that come up that are a challenge and that test us. But with each test there will be Joy. Because Suffering and Joy are friends. You do not have one without the other.

It is great to know we are in God’s will with Take 4. May His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

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