Yep, on the way to my sons basketball practice tonight a deer jumped out in front of me.

Not just any deer… a 4 point buck…

of course that is 4 points that were left on its rack, two points were on the road… totaling six.

I can still drive it, it doesn’t have power steering, I am scared to open the hood, but hey it got us home. Not sure what is going to happen but I join the ranks of Ben Miller whose trunk blew up last week… so I am in good company.

Here is what I am thankful for…

God’s protection, Quinn is safe, I am amazed at how well Audi’s are built. In fact Quinn barely felt it in the back seat.

God’s protection, my seat belt worked, my air bag did not go off, the worst thing is it played with my nerves.

God’s protection, there is a reason for all this, it may have stopped something else from happening but at best it set certain events to be redirected, it forced change in the pattern of life for all involved.

The test, not sure what will happen tomorrow. But God does. (I’m thankful He knows)

4 thoughts on “A DEER ATTACKED MY CAR… and won

  1. isn’t it amazing to be able to feel God’s protective hand upon us in situations such as that? I love how God swoops in and gives that amazing peace that he works things together for our good! Happy you guys are safe 🙂

  2. I am so thankful that you nor your daughter were hurt. It is amazing that your vehicle survived so well. I understand how it wreaks havoc upon your nerves. Several years ago, after having bought a brand new car just 3 mnths prior, I had 3 big bucks run out in front of my car. I swerved to miss the first two deer that I saw coming only to hit the third one which surprised me. Luckily I made it home, without headlights and most of front end of my car.
    I too am grateful for protection and strength the Lord offers to us daily especially in events like these and others much worse.

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