Pastors Conference

I was able to attend the NC Baptist pastors conference, in fact I just got back home. Last night I went by myself. Today our worship coordinator Nate McCartney attended with me. It was a good day.

While there God reaffirmed and confirmed some things.

First, our “Take it to the Streets Ministry” ( taking the church to the community) is exactly what we should be doing. We must take the church to them rather than expect the community to come to us.

Second, we must do missions at home before we do missions in a foreign land. To often the church is focused abroad in sharing the gospel and fails to share it at home. Home is the first priority… If your not impacting your community here before to long you will not be able to go there.

Third, Jesus know my name. No one else may remember it but he does. No one else may think anything of me… In fact they might not think of me at all… But that’s ok because Jesus knows my name… And that is enough.

Fourth, I do not preach like these guys… But that’s ok… According to Nate I am still clear when I speak and that’s what matters.

Fifth, Mondays are random speaking days for me. I will float from topic to topic in a moments notice. With no transitions. It is really bad on Mondays. Just ask the lady who served Nate coffee today… She will testify to that.

Sixth, I love Farmington Baptist Church… It is an honor to be their pastor.

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