A Powerful thing

Last week… At least at the beginning of it. I was struggling just a little bit. Nothing to serious but just wondering if I was doing a good job or had I gotten worse at what I do for a living. Then on Wednesday I went to a conference a friend of mine was speaking […]

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Sermon Presentation

Sermons don’t just happen… unless you are a parent… but even then they draw off of years of experience you are passing on to your child. Sermons take preparation. And currently that is what I am working on. Sermons for next year. Specifically October of 2023 and one in September 2023. Right now I am […]

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Time Moves it seems like just yesterday just yesterday that we moved my daughter into college but that was 4 years ago not yesterday and now we are going to see her graduate Time Moves it seems like just yesterday just yesterday that we were at her Highschool graduation planning a graduation party for her […]

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LAck of Posts

Well, I haven’t been able to get to writing for the blog in quite sometime. One of the reasons for this is I am working on a new book that hopefully will be out by the summer. Currently the draft is written and now we are editing it for publication. I am excited about it […]

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