Day 26 – Proverbs 26

So… tell me how you really feel…


a Fool – 26:1-11

Someone that is wise in their own eyes – 26:12

A sluggard – 26:13-16

A meddler in other people’s business – 26:17

Those that deceive others – 26:18-19

Someone who stirs up strife – 26:20-23

Hatred that is masked with sweetness – 26:24-26

A lying tongue – 26:28

“Just tell me how you really feel.”


So what do we do?

We (you and I) need to make sure that these things are not apart of our lives, part of how we operate.

Even if you think you are far away from doing any of these things, just take the time today to ask God to reveal any hint of these attitudes or actions that maybe in your life and you don’t know it.

Today the text calls us to reflect, and repent of these things that might be apart of our lives… even in a small way.

Here is an example of how to pray concerning this.

Lord, if I am a fool, I don’t know it… please show me today the thoughts and actions I maybe living that need to be flushed out of my life because they are foolish.

If I make excuses so I will not have to do a task (26:13) please convict me of that so I can change. If I meddle, stop me from doing it, if I mask my hatred with sweetness, call me on that. If I am digging a pit for someone else to fall into reveal that to me, so I can change before I fall into it myself.

Lord… show me how you really feel and help me get rid of those attitudes and actions in my life that you do not like. In Jesus name, amen,

What did you see in the passage?

One thought on “Day 26 – Proverbs 26

  1. This whole chapter REALLY forces me to look @ myself… How uncomfortable that can be. It is also very needed to keep myself in check…. Be it as a mom or a wife or a boss…. It can apply across the board for me. I also really like the prayer posted… “Lord, If I am a fool”… I love it!! I have been there and really hope I will be wise enough not to return there. I am VERY appreciative of this process. I really feel that it is helping me in all areas of my life… Amazing, I thought I was pretty good before this… Silly girl.

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