Day 24 – Proverbs 24

Today’s post is written by Justin Davis a staff member at my friend Pete Wilson’s Church, Cross Point.

For the first 30 years of my life, I struggled with honesty. I told the truth, but would exaggerate sometimes. It started with lies to my parents about who spilled milk on the floor in the kitchen, then where I was going on a Friday night. I would fudge the truth with friends on what colleges I was being recruited by to play basketball, I’d lie to professors when asked if I’d read the assignment they had given.

An honest answer
is like a kiss of friendship. Proverbs 24:26

I graduated from college and went into ministry, but honest answers weren’t consistent. I’d lie about how many kids were at youth group. I’d lie to people I didn’t want to do dinner with and tell them I was busy. I’d tell people I didn’t get their message when I had listened to it and didn’t return their call.

An honest answer
is like a kiss of friendship. Proverbs 24:26

My wife wasn’t spared from my stretching of the truth. I’d often tell her I’d be home at a certain time, and consistently show up late. I tell her we had the money to make a purchase when I knew if we spent the money it would have to be taken from another area. I’d over book our calendar and tell her I told her about a dinner we had to go to.

An honest answer
is like a kiss of friendship. Proverbs 24:26

I rationalized my lies with “They aren’t really hurting anyone. No one will ever find out. They’re just exaggerations.” No one ever sets out to become a liar. No one ever sets out to not be trustworthy. No one ever dreams of having people question what they say because you have exaggerated so much.

I love how the Message translation puts this verse: “An honest answer is like a warm hug.” Truth is inviting. Truth builds up. Truth is the foundation of relationship. My prayer is that God would allow me to be a person of truth. That when I speak people feel the warmth of truth. When I say something people receive it as though they are hearing it from a friend.

How are you at truth telling? Is there lack of warmth in some relationships because you are withholding truth or stretching the truth? Who do you need to give a warm hug to this week by giving an honest answer?

What did you see from the passage today?

5 thoughts on “Day 24 – Proverbs 24

  1. So verse 10 scares me…. “if you falter in times of trouble, how small is your strength!”… ummmmm….. well…. I don’t even know where to begin… Anyone want to help me understand what exactly this means? To me it is scary. When trouble comes I am the first to admit that “Strong” isn’t my first thought of myself sometimes…. I am assuming they mean strong in my faith? 😦

  2. Did I miss out on an experience, something that would have been fun? What is it like to do (insert activity here) and have those experiences as apart of my life story? I know it would have been wrong for me to participate… but the people I know that lived that lifestyle… it looks like they had a great time doing (insert activity here) that was wrong… I wonder what it was like?

    24:1-2 handles this way of thinking…. “Do not be envious of evil men, Nor desire to be with them; for their minds devise violence and their lips talk of trouble.”

    Basically don’t think that way… don’t wish to have those sort of experiences, its not wise.

  3. Paula… A better translation of 10 is… if you are slack in the day of distress your strength is limited. In other words if you do not rise to meet the challenge (distress) when it comes it will over take you… i.e. limit your strength.

    The word slack is the idea of a heart that grows faint and drops its guard in the face of adversity (distress).

    When a challenge arises, don’t run from it. As it gets harder and harder to break free from what ever adversity has come your way, do not let your guard down, rise and meet the challenge head on and get through it… don’t let it over take you.

  4. Thank you!! I put the verse in google and didn’t find much that made it sound any different…. That makes much more sense! Thanks preacher man! 🙂

  5. Paula, my Bible reads “If you fail under pressure, your strength is not ver great.” The study part of my bible reads, ” Times of trouble can be useful. They can show you who you really are – what kind of character you have developed. In addition, they can help you grow stronger. When Jeremiah questioned God because of the trouble he faces, God asked how he ever expected to face big challenges if the little ones tired him out (Jeremiah 12:5). Don’t complain about your problems. The trouble you face today is training you to be strong for the more difficult situations you will face in the future.”

    I hope this helps, Paula.

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