Day 7 – Proverbs 7 (Rated-PG)

It was a problem then…. it is a problem now. Chapter 5 covered it, Chapter 6 touches on it (at the end) and now Chapter 7 is back to the instruction…

Listen to wisdom and stay away from the adulteress.

But can we just pause a moment here and go at it from the angle of the woman?

My question…

Why does this woman pursue the guy? The text says “she is boisterous and rebellious and her feet do not remain at home” (7:11) Further more it says she has taken the time to prepare the house for another man while her husband is out of town (7:19-20)

That’s messed up… She’s messed up. It is a dirty, raunchy, disgusting life she is living. We have heard of “dirty old men”, but there are just as many “dirty old women.”

Just look around… you do not have to look very far. A lot of women do not dress modestly. “Even on tooth past commercials” (See – Nate McCartney Day 5 comment) And if its pointed out they get really upset. And most men don’t make a big deal out of it because really…

they like it…

but need to guard themselves a bit better…

and stay focused on the wife of their youth.

Guys… there are a lot of women out there, that dress provocatively whose goal is to take you out. (7:22-23). They look nice, they look innocent, they seem like they mean you no harm but in a moment of weakness they will destroy you.

Its never “just a meal”, “just a hug”, “just a person that understands you better than your wife” or ‘just what she chose to wear” (ladies – even in choosing what to wear “meaning no harm causes harm” modesty is always the best policy)

So guys… Guard yourself, pay attention! Do not let your heart turn aside to her ways for her ways are the ways of death. (7:26-27)

What did you see in the passage today?

7 thoughts on “Day 7 – Proverbs 7 (Rated-PG)

  1. I agree what Phil wrote “So guys… Guard yourself, pay attention! Do not let your heart turn aside to her ways for her ways are the ways of death. (7:26-27)”

    The ways that lead to death here are described as an ox going to the slaughter, a deer shot by an arrow, a bird caught in a trap (vs. 22-23). The consequences of sexual sin are grave and destructive–broken marriages, unwanted pregnancies, broken families, heartache and guilt… As men we need to follow the example of Joseph–run, run, RUN away! Turn your head, guard yourself, pay attention!

  2. Shew, this makes me angry……. Angry at the women who do this, and YES there are lots of them and angry at the men/women that fall for it… Another person is just another set of problems!! Probably a lot worse than you had the first time. If it is about a challenge, I get that, I like a challenge too, but not a challenge that can ruin my life!! Shew, have I said this makes me angry!

  3. Say to wisdom “you are my sister” and call understanding your intimate friend. 7:4. Everywhere so far these sort of phrases are used they are follow by a ” they will keep you from” type of statement. Wisdom never does wrong. You will never find wisdom in bad behavior. You will never find wisdom in evil. In fact you know you are living in wisdom if you are staying away from sin… For that is what it keeps you from.

    I just reread chapter 7 and this thought piped out at me.

    1. This may seem silly…. but when you posted that it reminded me of something here at work…. I know I reference work a lot, but I love my job and it is a huge part of my life and my walk…. so here it goes… Being a nurse in an emergency department is VERY tough… mentally, physically, emotionally. You can work ANYWHERE in the hospital and get paid the same amount to do much less work… so why then are we all here?? We have “bought in” we bought into the fact that we are helping people…. we are entering in the crisis and making it better (most of the time)… I think to walk this walk and stay away from the temptations you also have to “buy in”to this life… You have to buy in to the fact that there is nothing better out there for you. You have to make the commitment and then BELIEVE/BUY IN it… When you make that decision and roll with it things become more clear…. Does that make any sense?

      1. So true Paula! So many buy into the fact that there is something better out there, more money, better home, better job, better “life” they get caught up into buying into anything but what they currently have.

  4. Phillip, I agree, there are just as many dirty old women as their are men. So, from the angle of a woman…I find it dispicable that women allow themselves to be objectified, it also angers me when a female thinks the only power she has is not her mind but her appearance and “commodities”. With that being said, many times a woman’s attitudes stem from her first relationship with a man, her father. So, Dads, be attentive to those little girls. Tell them they’re beautiful, but also never neglect to show them that you think they are strong and intelligent, instill in them to treat themselves with respect and dignity and to accept no less from the men in their lives.
    I found this entire chapter as well as chapter number six powerful. It is about as straight forward as it gets. Those of you that know me know how much I appreciate that.

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