“Monday Mornings”


Samuel (prophet of God in the Old Testament, gift from God to His mother, wise, blessed, and chosen to lead the Children of Isreal spiritually)

Had “Monday Mornings”

Just like other pastors…

or maybe worse.

He told and told and warned and warned and told and warned, the people again and again, it was not a good idea for them to have a king.

He told them it was not what God wanted for them.

But they didn’t listen…

and “thus” came Monday.

So God allowed them to have a king, and Samuel anointed  a man named Saul as the first king of Israel…

And Samuel was faithful in telling Saul what God wanted, what God desired for Him to do…

But Saul didn’t listen…

and then there was another…

Monday Morning.

So for all the pastors out there, who tell people what they need to hear, who push and plead for people to live differently, to take “these steps”, or do “these sorts of things” because this is what God desires…

that have told and told and warned and warned and told and warned them again and again, “the way you are going is not a good idea, you need to change and go in a different direction”…


they didn’t listen

and you find yourself having a

“Monday Morning”

wondering if you really should be a pastor,

be encouraged…

The great prophet Samuel had that sort of day too…

and the cool thing?

God never condemned Samuel for what the people he counseled choose to do…

and that is worth its weight in gold.

Its a thought that will get you through this…

Monday Morning.

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