Have you ever been around someone who was a visionary?

Someone who buzzes with ideas, possibilities and can clearly see the way the future should be.

And they not only clearly see it, they inspire, and motivate people to go in that direction.

There is always since of excitement when they talk about the possibilities of the future they are painting with their words.

It’s exciting just to be around them.

This can’t be taught.

They didn’t go through 8 steps to get the vision(s), Visionary thinking is part their makeup…

If you have ever been around one it is quite the experience.

They are truly gifted.

Now, we try to teach vision, to people who do not have the visionary gift.

This is ok, because leaders that are not gifted in the visionary department need to figure out a way to come to a vision for the institution they work for. After all vision charts direction, and without out it the organization goes backward or keeps going in circles.

My suggestion for those who struggle in coming up with a vision, is to figure out a process by which you can come up with one and also find some strong visionary leaders you trust and admire and see if you can hang around them.

and Oh…

Don’t be hard on yourself…

Remember even if you do not have the visionary gift, you do have a gift that a visionary wishes he had.

In fact currently he is probably trying to learn how to do what you do so naturally.

So be encouraged.

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