It is good to reflect this time of year over the events that have occured during this year…. Events that were good and bad.

If you are breathing you have had both.

Some people can only remember the bad things that have happened while others can only remember the good. If you fit into either one of those categories you are in denial.

The fact is you have had both good and bad happen to you this year. The good is only good because of the bad and the bad is only judged as being bad because we have tasted good.

The trick is to learn from what we did right this past year and repeat it and also learn from what we did wrong so we will avoid it in the future.

The good news about the bad stuff is our failures are really where we learn and change the most. Failures help us grow into better people. In fact if you had successes this year it is because you learned from the failures of your past.

So take sometime to reflect over the good the bad and the ugly moments of this year. Then learn from those moments and move ahead with confidence into the new year.

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