It was a great day….

It started at the church as the deacons gave out the care packages for our Take 4 Ministry. It was a shinning moment for the kingdom.

Next was a basketball game with “my” mini-mite Demon Deacons. We won the game by 1 point….

After that was clean the house time… then a practice for our church’s Christmas play, which is tomorrow night beginning at 6:30pm. After the practice a friend came over and we worked on the power steering on my car and now it is working again. We are set up to take the ol car to the shop sometime next week so it can be fixed. (See “a deer hit my car and won” post)

Then we had supper…. is this what it feels like to sit down? Wow.

Now we have tucked the kids in and its time to look over the message for tomorrow for one last time.

and there are 7 more days till Christmas….

just thought I would throw that last part in.

And that was Today.

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