C2 – Monday Rushes

We just finished dinner… School work is almost done and basketball practice is ahead. Mondays are packed with activity, things to do, people to see and places to go. It seems like here of late my Mondays are scattered in the morning and settle down late in the afternoon.

It would be easy…

To skip prayer time.

It would be easy…

To say I will just pray as I do all these activities, do these things, see these people and go to these places.

And skip having alone time with God….

…Time in His presence, without destruction, without something else to do, without something else getting part or all of my attention.

Time in His presence, to focus on Him and Him alone….

…to listen.

…..to talk

…to ask what His will is for me… Today.

….to Connect with the work He wants to do as He brings His kingdom to earth.

…. to meditate… filling my mind with just Him.

When it comes to things to do, prayer time is the most important thing to do on any given day….

busy or other wise.

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