C2 – Prayer Basics

Here are the prayer basics we listed on the screen this morning during the sermon.

pray to our Father – Luke 11:2

pray in recognition of God’s holiness

pray that His kingdom would come

pray for God’s will to be done – Matthew 6:10

pray for our daily needs – Luke 11:3

pray for forgiveness of our sins – 11:4

pray for God to keep us from evil – 11:4

Jesus never taught people how to preach but he taught them how to pray.
prayer is asking God to do His will on earth

God always answers according to what is in your best interest Luke 11:5-13

prayer is the act of the believer working together with God Matthew 6:10

there is not a magical set of words you should say nor a magical number of times you should repeat a prayer request Matthew 6:7

prayerlessness effects change because God will let many of His resolutions go suspended due to the lack of prayerful cooperation with Him

true prayer is real work

the bible teaches public, corporate, and private prayer times

prayer is coming into Gods presence to submit to his will

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